Photo: Clay Peck  #MyPeaceRiver
 Photo:  Darcy Shawchek   Sunday's sunset from Taylor. #MyPeaceRiver
 Photo: Samara Giesbreht  #MyPeaceRiver
 Photo: Skyler Groat  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "Here's one more ode to  Sweetwater 905 Arts & Music Festival  for My Peace River. This photo was taken a few festivals ago during a Friday night storm turned sunset spectacular."  ‪#‎MyPeaceRiver‬
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "Seeing as the  Sweetwater 905 Arts & Music Festival  starts tomorrow I thought it fitting to share this photo for My Peace River today. Sweetwater 905 takes place on the Mattson farm in Rolla, BC and pictured here is Reno Fitch, Brin Porter ( The Party On High Street ),  Twin Peaks , and  Hazen Sage  having a little campground jam."  #MyPeaceRiver
 Photo:  @jamesmacwatson   "Cactus in bloom!  Opuntia fragilis apparently. This is the northernmost cactus in Canada right here in the peace valley!"  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  Jody Peck   #MyPeaceRiver
 Photo: Holly Ulrich  The beautiful and mighty Peace.  #MyPeaceRiver
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "Been digging deep in the archives for the  My Peace River  project. Here's a photo from the 80s of a very mini me triking in the Taylor hills with my Dad."   ‪#‎  MyPeaceRiver‬
 Photo:  Catherine Ruddell     "I went down to Old Fort this afternoon to get in on the  #mypeaceriver  action. Forgot my camera. But I did have my sketchbook. I walked the old path east to banks of the river and found a spot to sit. To my right was an old scrappy and mud bogged eagle feather. To my left two lovely patches of wild chives. I broke some off to draw them, but the smell was so peppery good I instantly craved butter and a potato to put them on. Looking away from the water towards the east, the dirt and rock face in the hills looked down on me. Just imagine all the things these hills have seen."
 Photo:  @luckbliss      #notositec  save this valley!  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto     "It's sunny Sunday afternoons like this when I wish I wasn't in the city but shooting dilapidated dishwashers in the gravel pit with these girls. This photo was taken a few Junes ago near the Peck homestead during a few days of Northern R&R on one of those never-ending  Miss Quincy  tours we used to do. Special guest appearance by Lew Bates, one of my personal favourite Peace personalities, and his trusty hunting companion Cooper."  #MyPeaceRiver
 Photo:  Darcy Shawchek   "Photo taken within the proposed Site C flood zone. The marshes, animals, All the wasted land, It is the Peace. Leave it alone."   ‪#‎  mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  @canadianacres   The wild onions are in full bloom on the Peace River. #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @robbyrda   I love this river, I'm always at peace when I'm near it.  #mypeaceriver   
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "It's not Thursday, but here's a throwback from the fall of 1985. This photo was taken at the old lookout on the South Taylor Hill for my parents' wedding. My dad has lived in the Peace Country since 1977. My Mom grew up on the Alberta side of the Peace River but jumped provinces in 1983."  #MyPeaceRiver
   Photo:  Barbara Daley       Beauty. Let it BE.  #mypeaceriver
   Photo: Denise Gardiner  "Saskatoon bushes are only supposed to grow up to 12 feet high. This tall one, on the road between Ardill's Ranch and Lynx Creek must have been over 20 feet high. Another proof: Things do grow so much better in the Peace River Valley."  #MyPeaceRiver
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "This is the Rolla Pub, a historical gem in the teeny tiny farming hamlet of Rolla, BC. It's one of my favourite pubs in the whole world and is a big part of what the Peace means to me. This photo is the first photo I ever printed in the darkroom once upon 7 years ago when I first started to seriously get into photography."   ‪#‎  MyPeaceRiver‬
 Photo:  Nancy Gleeson   "Remembering our annual canoe trip down the Peace....even with a broken arm....with Gerry Gleeson & Peter Gleeson."   ‪#‎  MyPeaceRiver‬
 Photo:  Jody Peck     "I had a visit with my grandma the other day and found this picture of four year old me which proves that I have been struggle snuggling kitties since the beginning."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @susiroy   Under the fog!  Best place to be  ♥  #mypeaceriver #nositec
   Photo:  Jennifer Irean Lloyd       "I'm an import to the Peace from southern BC but I feel like I was meant for this country. This is a picture down near the river on the road to Hudson's Hope, my hubby took me out for a early morning drive to enjoy the fall beauty on my birthday a few years ago and this was what we captured  " #MyPeaceRiver
 Photo:  @missquincymusic   Just another day at the ranch. #MyPeaceRiver
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   Welcome to the Peace.  #MyPeaceRiver      
 Photo:  @canadianacres   Beautiful light on the #peaceriver last night ... #mypeaceriver #nositec #savethevalley #foodnotdams
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   Peace Valley farmland. #MyPeaceRiver
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   A miniature horse on the banks of the Peace River in Taylor, BC. #MyPeaceRiver
 My Peace River is a snapshot of the people, stories, and life in the Peace Valley.   It was created by photographer   Jodie Ponto   and musician   Jody Peck   (aka: Miss Quincy).    Tag your posts with  #mypeaceriver  so we  can find and feature them on our website,  Facebook page , and  Instagram feed . You can also email your photos, videos, and stories to .
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