Photo:  @cpeck1010   The end of the rainbow is at  ‪#‎canadianacres‬ .  ‪#‎calmafterthestorm‬   ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 What an amazing weekend! It was inspiring, humbling, and powerful to see so many people come together at the  11th Annual Paddle for the Peace  to celebrate the Peace Valley and protest the Site C dam.  My Peace River,  Miss Quincy  & The Showdown, and  Kitty & The Rooster  had the most epic day paddling the mighty Peace River and playing the AFTER-Paddle to a full house at The Lido. Thanks to everyone who came out to party with us at the AFTER-Paddle, because of your big hearts & deep pockets we raised $700 from   ‪#‎  mypeaceriver‬   CD and t-shirt sales to donate to Treaty 8 First Nations’ legal battles against Site C. That brings our total so far to $3750 ... Let’s keep it going!
 Photo:  @meaganohhh   Munchin saskatoons on the banks of the peace  😊   ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  @missquincymusic   "I love the city and all, but there's nothing like the Peace Valley in late June." #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @k_frank_   "Beauty day for a stroll. So in love with this big beautiful country Canada and of course more specifically our homeland the Peace River Valley."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  Ed Muhl   "Overnight canoe trip on the Peace."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @canadianacres   All smiles in the valley today  😊   #mypeaceriver
 Photo: @ piddlypeat   "Rain clouds are pretty cool from eye level."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @jenelleb   There's a storm rolling in over  #mypeaceriver
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