Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "Long & lovely walk along the Peace River today."   ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "A little hay field sunset porn from  Jody Peck 's family farm on the banks of the Peace River."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬   ‪#‎nofilter‬
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "Canoes at Ross and Deborah Peck's on the banks of the Peace River. Ross and Deborah canoe and fish on the river every day and will no longer be able to do this if the Site C dam floods the Peace River Valley."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "100% local dinner at Ross and Deborah Peck's - carrots, kale, potatoes, lettuce, peas, tomatoes, beans, and elk sausage all from the Peace River Valley."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "Teatime on Ross and Deborah Peck's front deck which looks out onto the Peace River. The Site C dam is slated to flood this river and BC Hydro claims that the cabin you see in the distance will have to go due to the danger of unstable banks but that the deck we are sitting on is in the 'safe zone'".  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "Jody Peck and Ross Peck, cousins whose family has lived in the Peace River Valley since 1924. This view is Ross's front yard and will be dramatically changed by the building of the Site C Dam."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @kwiinter    #mypeaceriver   #lovewhereyoulive
 Photo:  Virginia Larstone    #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @steve_fraser   "Found these guys on the Gagne toad atop the Taylor Hill. Hello fellas."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  Elaina Tuttle   Wolf tracks in the Peace River Valley.  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬   ‪#‎saynotositecdam‬
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "I can tell saskatoon season is in full swing because we've been getting a lot of berrylicious photo submissions for  My Peace River  lately. Here's my own, a throwback to July of 1988 when my Mother Hen took a 2 year old me saskatoon picking for the first time."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photos:  Jennifer Anne Dunn   "Saskatoon berries and canola fields."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  Darcy Shawchek   "Had only 8 minutes to post this before midnight so that I could say that I took this picture at this mornings sunrise."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  Eagle Vision Video Productions Ltd.   Peace Island Park, the mighty Peace River, and the town of Taylor as seen from above during  CanolaFest  2015. #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @cpeck1010   "Fog in the Peace River valley this morning."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @lil_mrpg    Mr. PG  visits the Peace River Valley and says it's "like being in a painting".  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  Rick Phillips   "Went for a hike in 2009 and found this on the bank of the Peace River."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @kiersten_jai   "Reposting of our new favourite."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @dadwoodall   "Bear, beaver, geese and eagle in this view at distance." #mypeaceriver #shametoflood
 Photo:  @mpreprost   "Hot and hazy harvest from the Peace River Valley. Twenty pounds of market ready veggies from Class 1 soil that will be flooded out by a hydro dam a decade from now."  #mypeaceriver   #sitec   #nodamway
 Photo:  @juliouse_9908   "When the sun goes down the real adventure begins."  #taylorbc   #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @kwiinter   "Daddy getting kisses from his girl  smile emoticon  I love where we live. This is our favourite spot, just a 5min walk from our house."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  Darcy Shawchek   "Northern lights were out full force last night, this is from the lookout over the old fort."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "Obligatory leaving-on-a-jetplane-at-the-buttcrack-of-dawn photo. That there is the mighty Peace River and Taylor, the small town I grew up in. If you squint real hard you can even see my parents' house. Did you know that the Peace River is considered the most endangered river in BC and that the Peace River Valley is on the National Trust's 2015 list of top 10 endangered places in Canada? Pretty neat, huh? Thanks Site C!"  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬   ‪#‎nositec‬
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "Waahngela went to the Attachie Lookout over the Peace River Valley. She is sad because  BC Hydro  and  Christy Clark 's  Government of British Columbia  are planning to spend at least 9 billion dollars to build the Site C dam and flood this beautiful valley."  ‪#‎MyPeaceRiver‬   ‪#‎NoSiteC‬   ‪#‎SiteC‬   ‪#‎SaveThePeaceValley‬
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "Lost my Peace River paddling virginity today in a canoe threesome with  Marina Hadland  and  Lindsay Pratt !! All jokes aside, it was a beautiful/powerful/emotional day in the Homeland as hundreds & hundreds of folks joined together to celebrate the Peace Valley and protest the absolutely bullshit Site C dam during the  10th Annual Paddle for the Peace . More photos coming soon."  ‪#‎MyPeaceRiver‬   ‪#‎PeacePaddle‬   ‪#‎SiteC‬   ‪#‎NoSiteC‬   ‪#‎SaveThePeaceValley‬
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "IT'S SASKATOON TIME!! And I'm not talking Saskatchewan, this here is a berry delicious bribe from  @balancenut  who is trying to tempt me to stay in the Northland all summer."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  Jodie Ponto   "The Peace Region really pulled out all the stops today by rolling out a yellow carpet in honour of my arrival."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @k_frank_   Dreamy.  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  @stoked_bob   "Midday cookie break with the gang."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
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