Photo: Verena Hofmann  "True innocence - the faces of the generation that BC Hydro is stealing food security, heritage and history, a place of solitude & magical wonder, dollars towards needed & worthy provincial programs, connection to nature & endless list!"  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 We have released the first song & video from the My Peace River EP!  head over to the   Music   page to listen and the   Video   page to watch. #mypeaceriver  
 Photo:  @cpeck1010   "My happy place."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  @canadianacres   "Exploring."   ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  @penny_pepper   "Ballet on the banks."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  @lauracduncan   "Fall is over almost as quick as it began." #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  District of Hudson's Hope   "Happy Thanksgiving Weekend from the District of Hudson's Hope!"  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo: Don Hoffman  "Canadian Geese off to the fields from the Peace River. It seemed like the sky was on fire the last few mornings in the Peace!"  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  Pvea Coordinator   Update from the solidarity walk in the Peace River Valley yesterday afternoon...."A toast for the Peace River Valley in our lives for another 10,000+ years."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  @jesse_lynn_march   "Frosty morning at work, look at these beautiful colours!"  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  Cait Vince   "Had to stop on the way home from the hospital to take a little family photo of Gus's birth place! I wonder if we can put 'Highway 29, North' as his place of birth on his birth certificate?"  #mypeaceriver
 Photo: Don Hoffmann  "Bear Flats on the Peace River."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  Rick Phillips   "Clear view to the mountains today."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo: Brenda Teitsma  "Check out this gigantic beet we picked today. I've never seen a beet so mighty before and now I'm intimidated by it."  #mypeaceriver   Says  Pvea Coordinator : "Ever seen a beet like this? That's how they grow in the Peace River Valley - we need to protect BC's best farmland from Site C!!"
 Photo:  @jesse_lynn_march   #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @canadianacres   "Every morning I wake up and open my curtains to this view, always excited to see what it will look like today ."   #‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  Jody Peck   The whole valley is on fire with fall colours today. This is  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬ .
 Photo:  @sagebirley   "Made it down to the point in the lower field ...blown away by how gorgeous fall in the peace country is! Such a reminder to take time to soak in all the colours ! Sad to think site c will jeopardize all of this."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬   ‪#‎nositec‬
 Photo:  Catherine Ruddell   Flying over the peace region in the fall... Looks like someone ran clippers over a gold shag carpet."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬   ‪#‎nositec‬
 Photo:  Nancy Gibos   "Damn girl." #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @beckysue100   "It's like the Peace River is smiling."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  Jody Peck   "Happy to be home for the best time of the year in the Peace Country."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  @alexiscarlo   "Happy 8th birthday to Bart best pup ever."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  Twin Peaks    #‎kimtheaward‬  is so happy to be living in the Peace!  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬   ‪#‎nositec‬
 Photo:  @xo.msmandy   "Love me some evening hunts with him, favorite time of year."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  @canadianacres   "Took a beautiful, yet windy, walk with the boys today."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo: Don Hoffman  Today is the last day to see the Island and Moberly Valley entrance untouched in its glorious fall splendor. The feller machine is on the Island at the mouth of the Moberly set to clear the old growth forest with wildlife and eagles nests. #mypeaceriver #nositec
 Photo:  @joanna_esau   "Just a little reminder."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  Little Inuk Photography    #‎mypeaceriver‬
 Photo:  Mike Tinholt Photography   "My office today."  ‪#‎mypeaceriver‬
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