Photo:  @wolvesrunwithme    #mypeaceriver
   Photo:  @sagebirley    "So great full for these electric skies ...Moments like this make it all worth while.... I've been stressed feeling like I've taken on to much and the seasons passing me by. Photos don't capture the long days racing home from work to work in the garden until after 11 every night with headphones in to try to block out the sound of the swarm of mosquitos feasting on me...but the y also don't capture the satisfaction that comes from looking up from the garden to see a sight like this....or the feeling that comes when your dancing to folk music planting beans and tobacco while a thunderstorm rolls in... So lucky to be a fifth generation farmer, so grateful to my family for letting me take this on and so inspired by the support and encouragement of my community....I,m honoured to be carrying on the Birley family way on our 101st year on the farm. So happy to have found my little peace!"  #findinglittlepeace   #nofarmersnofood   #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @sandrajorgenson    #mypeaceriver   #fawn   #oldfort
 Photo:  @k_frank_   Happy Solstice 🌞 / Full Moon 🌝  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @kailalemcke   "No filter needed on this North Peace sunset."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo: Arlene Boon  "This is the picture perfect view from our bedroom window at Bear flat. Love this valley and all it has to offer."  #keepthepeace ,  #nositec   #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @jessieamcentire    "Spring is such a wonderful time of year 🌿🌼🐣"  #MyPeaceRiver
 Photo:  @canadianacres   "What a terrible way to spend the day  😊 "   #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @kitty_g0g0   "Beware the Leshen for he is the keeper of the forest and knows the wrongdoings of humankind. He seeks those who value greed and care not for the ways of nature. Beware BC Hydro officials for he will come  πŸƒ  πŸ’€ "  #mypeaceriver   #nodamway   #sitecsucks
 Photo:  Catherine Ruddell   #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @ellescriv   "The sky is falling ... Into the pond."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @sagebirley   "Amazing afternoon down in the garden prepping beds and transplanting kale. So grateful for the rain over the past few days and equally grateful for the sun that dried the top layer soil enough to allow me to work with it. Moments like this, looking up from my work to watch the sun slip behind the trees while the birds serenade me with evening songs makes it all worth it. So lucky to work with and live on this incredible piece of land much gratitude to have found a little peace."  #littlepeacegardens   #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @slimtwig1313   "Quick stop at Watson's Slough today for some brief bird watching. I was not disappointed" ☺️  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @kwiinter   "A great day planting and doing yoga by the Peace River  ❀️"   #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @sagebirley   "Such an epic crew! They show up and go hard in the garden just flying through a couple huge rows of potatoes with the sun beating down! And after that they were still up for making the brutal hike down to the river and back to celebrate!"  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @k_frank_   "Just reflecting on what a beauty day today has been. The peace river never ceases to amaze with its gloriousness. My heart is so tender for this valley and the changes coming."  #keepthepeace   #nositec   #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @sandrajorgenson   "Beach day!"  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @stoked_bob   "Cactus hunting on the peace hills with  @k_frank_  and  #handsomemax "  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @kitty_g0g0   A little Peace of mind πŸŒΏπŸ’• #mypeaceriver
 Photo: Ed Muhl   #mypeaceriver
 Photo: @slimtwig1313  "Some of my favourite views in the Peace."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @jesse_lynn_march   "Endless beauty sunsets .... I'll never get used to seeing these almost every day up here! One of the bonuses of living in The Great White North!"  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @canadianacres   "After a long night, a hard day and missing my sister fiercely - this valley always reminds me to just breathe and be thankful."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @k_frank_    These are the days  πŸ’š   #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @sheri_ireneh   "Where the fire touched down on the valley by the Peace River lookout."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @canadianacres   Family time on  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @sagebirley   "Ended off a pretty triumphant weekend with some excellent folks overlooking the mighty Peace River from the point on the lower field. So refreshing to feel the warmth of the sun and seen green in the trees, spring is here."  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  @helenknott05   "Down at the river this morning with a bunch of fine people. People are paddling down the peace through the Site C worksite today."  #keepthepeace   #nositec   #landislife   #waterislife   #protectthesacred   #mypeaceriver
 Photos:  @northern_redhead   "I don't know how many times I've posted this picture, probably a lot. Of all the shots I've taken, this is the one I'm most proud of. When I tell people I'm from Fort St. John, I'm usually met with a face of disgust. This town is many things, I know that. But until you live here, experience what the area has to offer, and see the sun rise over the mighty Peace - you haven't seen Fort St. John. Not the way I do. My hometown is beautiful and I will fight teeth and nail to keep it that way. This is my Peace River  ❀️ "  #mypeaceriver
 Photo:  Tom Coveney   "The adventure begins."  #mypeaceriver
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